Vietnam’s top 15 most-funded ecommerce startups

A store in Hoi An, Vietnam (Photo by TKTK)

A store in Hoi An, Vietnam (Photo by Matthias Ripp)

In Vietnam, the government estimates that ecommerce spending will double each year. Given that last year ecommerce revenues were near US$500 million (though liberal estimates put it at over US$1 billion), the online shopping sector looks lucrative for startups in the decade to come.

To see which startups are emerging in Vietnam, we’ve combed through data and ecommerce funding announcements since 2014 to create the infographic below. You’ll notice a lot of startups do not disclose their funding amount. In a fledgling industry where players prefer to keep the cards close to their chests, that’s to be expected sometimes. However, the graphic gives us a fair idea of the startups rising up as Vietnamese consumers turn to ecommerce.Vietnam's-Most-Well-Funded-Startups-Roughs-9
By Anh-Minh Do
Research by Ha Huy Long, July Nguyen, and Michelle Tran. Infographic design by Andre Gunawan. Editing by Steven Millward